Kurt Geiger Kensington Beaded Bag Initial Review

First Look

Okay! This bag is gorgeous! I love all things pink, and this bag is no exception. I feel like pink is somewhat trending tight now, and if it isn’t I’m bringing it back. This purse kind of reminds me of those early 2000s jellies shoes that were so popular.


This bag is super affordable. It’s within the $150-200 range. The price is worth it in my opinion. It’s not a bag that you see everyday. It’s definitely a novelty piece. Kurt Geiger bags are not as popular in the USA and they are in Europe, so not everyone will have this bag. This bag gives you a way to stand out without having to break the bank


I’ve only had the bag for a little while, but the beadwork seems to be of quality. The signature button of Kurt Geiger is there. The chain is of a decent length. I am 5’9 and the purse hangs at my waistline over my shoulder. For what I paid for, the quality is excellent.

Finals Thoughts

I honestly love this bag! It’s pretty. It’s fun. It’s me. If you are into fun pieces that won’t break the bank then check this bag out!

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      thank you!

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