5 Study Habits To Help You Ace Your Next Exam

Studying can be hard. It’s not a skill set that comes naturally. It can take years to develop great study habits, but here are my top tips.

1. Go to Class

This should go without saying, but if you don’t go to class you are not going to do well. It also helps, because if you are doing poorly in a class, a professor is more willing to help a student who attends regularly. You also gain the opportunity to ask questions and to converse with your classmates. These are ways that we can gain insight and help that aren’t always thought about.

2. Hand Write Your Notes

Handwritten notes are kind of outdated. Most people type their notes, because it’s faster and better for the environment. But taking the time to handwrite your notes can help you remember the material faster. If you have an iPad Pro then you can use that to write notes on as well.

When I was younger my mother used to make me write my spelling words ten times each everyday after school. I hated it, but I never missed a word on my spelling test.

3. Plan Don’t Cram

Do NOT wait until the last minute to study. If you know that your big midterm or final is coming up, you need to start preparing at least a week in advance. Taking in small amounts of information gradually is more efficient than trying to cram six weeks worth of material into a five hour study session.

4. Teach Someone Else

We usually take the approach of having other people test us on material, but next time try teaching the exam material to another person. Grab a friend from class or anywhere and just try your best to teach what you know. If you can explain it well, then you are not only able to process he information, but you can also apply it. This works best with math/science, but it can work for any subject.

5. Make Flashcards or Quizlet

This has saved me too many times. Making Flashcards is super easy and a great way to study. You are not only handwriting your notes, but also constantly repeating information to yourself. Repetition helps! Quizlet is also a great tool to utilize. Not only are flashcards available, Quizlet also generates practice tests.

Bonus Tip: Health Comes First.

Make sure to eat well and rest the night before an exam. It is so important for your brain function. It will be so much harder to pass a test running on three hours of sleep than eight. Eat a nutritious breakfast before as well.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Natalia says:

    Thanks for these tips! I’m in the middle of exam season so they will be super useful!


    1. stevienettles says:

      Glad you enjoyed them!


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